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    Known as “Port of Northeast Guizhou”, Dejiang is located in the northeast of Tongren City, Guizhou Province with a population of 0.53 million and with an area of 2072 square kilometers. The county is convenient in transportation with Highway 326 and Highway 303. Wujiang River runs through the town for 65 kilometers. As an old revolutionary base, Dejiang is home to “Nuo Opera”, “China folk culture and arts”, “Tianma” and “Strange stones”.
    Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government determined to make Dejiang as a transport hub and as a regional center city in Document 9 in 2010. Three Highways, Four Subways and One Port will be joint here.
    Dejiang No. 1 High School was founded in 1940. And “Dejiang County Junior High School” was its name. However, its name had been changed to “Dejiang Junior High School of Guizhou Province” after the founding of new China. We began to run a Senior High School in 1958, renaming it “Dejiang No. 1 High School of Guizhou Province”. Then it developed as an independent high school in 2000. It was in 2004 …… [readmore]
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